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SIBO and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Integrative SIBO Conference 2018 Speaker Kayla Sandberg-Lewis is a Neurofeedback Practitioner, who introduced the relationship regarding Brain Injuries and SIBO.

Here are some of my notes :

• Brain injury causes: Stroke, explosives (military), car accidents (whether or not you hit your head), falling ( whether or not you hit your head ), sports injuries, abuse, assaults, birth trauma - using the forceps, anoxia - absence of oxygen, metabolic disorders, infections, tumors.

• Head Trauma can cause the body to be switched to a sympathetic dominance state. This leads to a huge decrease in digestive activity because the brain stem is in high arousal or fight or flight / freeze state.

• Brain Injuries effects the intestinal contractility and Is attributed to secondary inflammation, hyperpermeability and GI motility problems leading to SIBO.

• Brain Injuries induces changes in the microbiota of the cecum, produces norepinephrine which alters mucoprotein production, and pro-inflammatory cytokines

• Athletes consisting of Gymnasts and soccer players can be affected by Traumatic Brain Injuries.

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